1 page assignment 11

Models of Human Services Paper Reflection Assignment

This assignment is a one-page reflection about the models of human services paper you have been working on this term. This assignment will allow you to check-in with your instructor and get some helpful feedback before submitting your final paper in Unit 7. In your own words, provide a brief summary of the following:

  • The topic you are writing about
  • A summary about the ways each model (Medical Model, Public Health Model, Human Services Model) addresses your selected topic
  • Two barriers to services people may experience and your suggested strategies to overcome those barriers
  • Any confusion or questions you may have about the assignment! This is your opportunity to ask for any helpful hints or feedback.

Resources are not required for this assignment! There is no need for a cover page or references with this assignment. While it is an informal assignment, remember to use a professional tone and summarize the ideas you plan to present in your final paper