1 what is the challenging route to disciplined imagination

1. What is the challenging route to Disciplined Imagination?

2. Describe disciplined Imagination?

This is part II of Quiz 9 Chapter 9 of the assigned textbook “Wharton Managing Emerging Technologies – Disciplined Imagination”. All submission needs to be in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat formats (only) which will be checked for accuracy and plagiarism.

Create two essay questions and associated answers. Each question/answer pair is worth 25 points towards the weekly quiz grade (50 points total).

This Quiz needs to reference, specifically, the materials in Chapter 5 of the assigned WAR textbook (Emerging Technologies and Public Policy: Lessons from the Internet). The Q/A content needs to be scholarly (with citations) and must not be plagiarized in any form (zero grade). I recommend students thoroughly review Lessons one through ten of the assigned chapter as well as references to current internet issues (see scholars.google.com – is a good starting point).