150 words min all content mentioned to review prior to doing the assignment is attached linked

***this is a VERY simple assignment price will be low so tip can be higher ….I can even find a link for you to write about but will not tip as much

All content mentioned in directions is either an attached file on here( for chapter five) or linked below (video from youtube)

After reading Chapter 5, reviewing the checklist, and watching the video, go out on your own and find a resource to share with the class about building positive relationships. It can be a website, article, blog, book, video, movie, etc. Be creative.

* In your post you should reference what you learned in the chapter, the checklist and the video and then relate it to the resource you chose.

* Compare and contast and share why you chose this particular resource.

* Share what best practices for building positive relationships you observed during your recent site visit.

* If the resource is not specific to working with youth, explain how you can modify it or apply it to working with youth in afterschool programs.

Include the internet link or attach the article(s) about the resource you chose.