5 pages report of 7 stocks from your industry with graphs charts and tables extra but not count to 5 pages of text

Present a picture of the 7 stocks from your industry group.

Don’t forget to write your full name, to number the pages, cover page and the report to look professional.

The report should be 5 written pages in length (double-spaced) with graphs, charts and tables extra. Your objective is to start researching the industry and the firms that that you have chosen to analyze this semester.

Here are the required elements of the report and a suggested length for each component: 1. Introduce the sector that you will evaluate. (1 page of text)

Include a brief description of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (known as a SWOT analysis) to firms you are following. Describe the competitive environment and how firms are positioned in the marketplace.

2. Introduce the firms that you will evaluate. (4 pages of text)

  1. Describe the firms in terms of products, market share, revenues, capital structure, cash flows, earnings and other relevant quantitative measures of firm health and competitive positioning.
  2. Utilize ratio analysis to compare and contrast firms, focusing on financial performance and profitability. Tables and charts are useful to summarize data and will not count as part of the 5 pages of text.

Be sensible in using the five pages and focus on the most relevant items for your firms.