a preliminary response to the analysis of a stakeholders website


The first stage in the analysis of a stakeholder’s website is using your observational skills to identify what you see when you look at the website’s presence before the pointing out and describing your observations. As you make meaning in what you see, the second stage of your analysis triggers your critical thinking skills as you find connections between the stakeholder’s purpose and goal and the website elements and techniques, designed to move the intended audience toward the stakeholder’s desired objective.

Skills & Strategies

This Part 1 assignment will help you to

  • develop strategies for research, note taking, and assessment
  • build on information literacy, observational, and critical thinking skills
  • identify a stakeholder’s purpose, goal, and audience through its website content and design
  • determine how media works with the intended purpose and goal of the website
  • respond to a website’s organization, tone, evidence, bias, relevance, navigation, and any other possible website identities
  • make connections, gain perspective, and acquire new knowledge


Begin by selecting an organization’s website (stakeholder) that addresses your selected topic explored in Project 1. Review the stakeholder’s website and start thinking about how the platform composes a message for a specific audience. Respond to the following guiding questions. Note: these questions map onto your course rubric to guide your assessment of this website’s overall effectiveness.

Please copy and paste the questions below into a Word document and answer each question fully. To answer each question fully, you will need to provide at least three complete sentences per question and have answered the entirety of the question(s). In addition, you will be asked to include screenshots to support your answers for questions 2-5. Upload your list of answers and screenshots to MyReviewers by the due date.


  1. At first glance, what are your overall observations and impression of the stakeholder’s website?
  2. What is the stakeholder’s intended purpose (to inform, persuade, entertain, call to action, or a combination of intended purposes)? How does the organization present this purpose on its home page? Please include a screenshot of where you see the stakeholder’s intended purpose on the home page of its website to support your answer.
  3. What is the stakeholder’s intended goal (interest, mission, and/or message)? How does the organization present this goal on its home page? Please include a screenshot of where you see the stakeholder’s intended goal on the home page of its website to support your answer.
  4. What kinds of links to other sites does this website offer? Why? How do the linking sites fit the stakeholder’s goal/message? Please include a screenshot of a linking page to support your answer.
  5. How does the website communicate its goal in more than just words? What media (images, videos, infographics, photographs, graphics, etc.) appear on the website, and how does this media work with the intended purpose and goal of the site? Please include a screenshot of the website’s use of media to support your answer.
  6. Who is the intended audience for this website, and how can you tell based on its style and content?
  7. Where does your website introduce supporting facts and references that include other public, stakeholder, and/or academic sources as evidence? How current is this evidence and how does this evidence support the stakeholder’s claims/message or present an alternative view of the issue or topic presented? In what ways does the stakeholder evaluate the credibility of these sources? What bias do you detect, and if you do not detect any, explain why?
  8. How does the website organize its content and pages? What is your impression of the website’s organization? How easy is it to navigate around the website and locate information?
  9. Consider the website’s tone or the stakeholder’s attitude toward its topic. Why and how can you determine its tone?
  10. How does the information on the stakeholder’s website compare to the research you have explored in Project 1?
  11. After answering questions 1-10, how has your overall observation and impression of the stakeholder’s website changed, and why?

Helpful Hint

These questions should be used to successfully compose your Project 2 Intermediate and Final Drafts. Please consider helping your future self by thoroughly responding to these questions to generate substantial content to take into the future paper-writing components of the Project.

– please read the description carefully.

– Avoid any kind of plaigrism

– you gonna use the attached file to know about my sub-topic

– my sub-topic is about health and wellbieng (Starvation) you will find more information in the attached file.

– Don’t forget to include the screenshots.