analyise essay

this is an a essay for literature class, he wants us to perform close reading on a story, and then choose a passage within the story to analyze it carefully providing quotes from the passage. Perform a close reading of a passage from any work we have read and discussed in class or, alternately, from any work made available in the “Additional Resources” folder on Canvas. When you do close reading, you focus on specific, often very small, details such as dialogue, narration, description, etc., to explain how those details contribute to the meaning of the story. Close reading typically takes place in the context of a passage, or a discrete unit of the larger story. A passage of a work of fiction may be thought of as equivalent to a scene in a play or a film. Passages can vary greatly in length, from a few words to a few pages; what is important when you choose a passage is not its length but that it has a clear beginning and end, and that it includes several interesting details.

– it has to be a 1000-1200 words mla style paper

– i have attached 5 files:

1- a specified guideline that explains the assignment.

2- a description of a good and a bad paper (pdf)

– story choice 1, story choice 2, and story choice 3: please choose the one that you feel more comfortable to do.