article review 102

1. Title, 2. Introductory section;(a) statement of the problem,(b) explanation of grounding in the research literature,(c) suggestion of possible contribution to knowledge or practice,(d) research hypotheses, questions, or objectives to be addressed, 3.Literature review; (a) underlying studies,(b) related studies,(c) critique of previous methods and findings, (d) prior conclusions, (e) applications, 4. Research methods and design; (a) quantitative, qualitative, or mixed, (b) design(e.g. experimental, causal-comparative, correlational, meta-analysis, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, etc), (c) population and sample, (d) sample selection (type of sampling used), (e) Instrumentation (how data is collected), 5. Data analysis; (a ) types conducted method of statistical analysis,(b) findings, 6. Study limitations, 7. Conclusions, 8. Implications for practice or direction for future research, 9. Reference page with article citation in APA format