assignment must be in 2 pages single spaced in our own words no plagiarism no grammar errors also ensure excellent english

Assignment must be in 2 pages single spaced in our own words. No plagiarism, No grammar errors. Also ensure Excellent English

1. Briefly describe the differences between the “social cohesion” perspective on the income inequality/health relationship, Wilkinson’s psycho-social approach, and the neo-material framework described by Lynch et al.(2000). What do Muntaner and colleagues (2001) mean by a “retreat from structural inequalities” in public health?

2. How do you see the concept of social capital relating to your own (past or expected) role in public health? Do you find it to be a useful concept for your own work (current, past or anticipated)? Explain why or why not.

Ensure Top notch work. Follow Instructions and answer the questions correctly