behavior in organizations 7


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Chapter 8

1. Explain why communication is important in organizations and discuss four influences on effective communication encoding and decoding.

2. Compare and contrast the advantages of and problems with electronic mail ,other verbal communication media, and nonverbal communication.

3. Explain how social acceptance and media richness influence the preferred communication channel.

4. Discuss various barriers (noise) to effective communication, including cross-cultural and gender-based differences in communication.

5. Explain how to get your message across more effectively, and summarize the elements of active listening.

6. Summarize effective communication strategies in organizational hierarchies, and review the role and relevance of the organizational grapevine..

Chapter 9

1. Describe the dependence model of power and describe the five sources of power in organizations.

2. Discuss the four contingencies of power.

3. Explain how people and work units gain power through social networks.

4. Describe eight types of influence tactics, three consequences of influencing others, and three contingencies to consider when choosing an influence tactic.

5. Identify the organizational conditions and personal characteristics that support organizational politics, as well as ways to minimize organizational politics.