Build a Rubric with at least 4 measurements and 4 levels of measurement that is used to determine the Business Analyst’s Performance on the project.

This Assignment must be in Word format ONLY ***NO ZIP FILES*** There are 2 Task in this assignment please make them separate or label which one is which.



It can be for any type of project. Submit a software requirements specification on your project that includes the following:


Create a requirement classification schema document on the following:

Business requirements

Stakeholder requirements

Solution requirements



Transition requirements

Stakeholder analysis tool that includes the following:

List the stakeholders for your project,

Level of Importance

Level of Interest

Why they were included in the List




 Submit an updated Stakeholder Analysis Tool that includes the following:

 List of stakeholders and their characteristics

 Roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder

 Collaboration expected from the stakeholder during the project

 Level of influence/importance on the project

 Interest on the project

 Level, consistency, and approach required to communicate with each stakeholder

 Change Request deliverable that includes the following:

 Process for proposing a change by all stakeholders

 Change Control Board

 Authority to approve a change