bus cont plan and disaster recovery plan 1

Assignment: Write a 3-4 page APA formatted paper comparing your organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans with the best practices outlined in our course text. Content should include, but not be limited to: selecting the DR team, assessing risks and impacts, prioritizing systems and functions for recovery, data storage and recovery sites, developing plans and procedures, procedures for special circumstances, and testing the disaster recovery plan. Your paper should include an abstract and a conclusion and a reference page with 3-5 references.

Comments: • For help with APA formatting, see the Information links on iLearn. They are located on the Module for the week of Sept 25. There is a sample paper as well as a link to a site that has extensive APA documentation. • Please pay careful attention to the due dates and times for this assignment

  1. In this assignment, you will submit a reference page, in APA format of preliminary references that you will use when completing your final semester research paper, due December 9th. You must have 3-5 references for this assignment.
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