business law case problem

Road Runner, Inc. owned Road Runner Speedway (“Speedway”) which is located off Route 66 in Virginia. Prior to a national championship speed race, Speedway opened part of its parking facility to recreational vehicles (RV’s). Speedway voluntarily positioned its employee, Gary Guard, at the entrance to the parking area as a security guard and to direct traffic. Rhonda drove her RV down Route 66 towards the Speedway. Meanwhile, Mike was riding his motorcycle, on which Peg was a passenger, along Route 66 heading to the Speedway. Virginia law requires motorcycle operators and passengers to wear a safety helmet while riding a motorcycle. Neither Mike nor Peg were wearing helmets. As Rhonda approached the parking area, she saw Gary who signaled her to turn left which she began to do. Rhonda did not engage her turn signal before beginning to turn left at Gary’s instruction. At the same time, Mike attempted to pass Rhonda’s RV on its left side and the two vehicles collided. Mike did not see Gary because Rhonda’s RV was blocking his line of sight. Peg sustained injuries to her head and knees, lacerations on her ankle and a broken hip. She sued Speedway and Rhonda for negligence.

  1. Will the Court find Speedway negligent? Explain.
  2. Will the Court find Rhonda negligent? Explain.

Write a 300 word essay answering the questions above.