business leadership analysis

Prepare a list of experience and skills needed from the leadership team for your business idea to be successful.

Complete the Leadership Skills and Know-How Assessment on pp. 205-215 in New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century for your leadership team.

Use the results to determine the skills needed for the founding team of your business opportunity.

Describe a plan for addressing any skill gaps apparent in your team. Attached are copies of the previous papers submitted.

Ensure to include it in your running head on cover page & also follow APA guidelines along with appropriate citation as required. Below is the link to the university Dashboard with the information to access the site.

NOTE: I do not have the textbook so online research may be required in order to meet the cover the content for this assignment.…

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Business Leadership Analysis

Tanesha A. Lockett

BSA493-B733-FA18-Entrepreneurship with Focus on Small Bus

Professor, Michael Jernigan, PhD

October 7, 2018