c assignment vector sorting

Modify the provided VectorSorting.cpp program, choosing a data field and applying a Selection Sort and Quicksort algorithm for the field. The VectorSorting.cpp program is partially completed – it contains empty methods representing the programming interface used to interact with the linked list. You will need to add logic to the methods to implement the necessary behavior. Please complete code in Eclipse IDE for C++. Read requirement details for all directions. Codes that are needed are in zip file attached. After completing code assignment. In a word document complete a journal entry addressing these questions:

o What were the strengths of the pair in solving the problem? In other words, why do you think the provided data structure and algorithm made sense as a pair for the given task?

o What were the weaknesses in the pair for solving the given problem? In other words, what was it about either the data structure or the algorithm that might make you consider alternatives?

  • Reflect on stacks and queues: When is one or the other a good choice to use?
  • Why might you combine a sorting algorithm with another algorithm