carbon neutral community plan voting rationales

Now that you have cast your votes for the Ashfordton Alternative Energy Plan, it is time to explain your choices to the class. Please make a post of at least 200 words in which you

  • Identify (briefly) the plan elements on which you voted.
  • Explain why you selected each one.
  • Reflect on this week’s discussion in a few sentences. What did you learn this week? How did the activity compare, in your opinion, with the more typical discussion board format used in other weeks of this course?

You will not be able to view others’ posts until you have made your own.

At the end of the week, the Instructor will post the winning Ashfordton Alternative Energy Plan, which will include the top four ideas selected by the class. In cases where two action items are judged by the Instructor to be nearly identical, he or she reserves the right to combine the ideas into a single one (and add votes together) in order to determine the winning ideas. This plan will be posted in the Announcements area of the classroom.

Attached is the part one for this discussion