case brief 46

Assignment #2:

• In your own words, write a case brief of the Supreme Court’s decision in Safford v. Redding (2009). You can find the entirety of the opinion at the following link:…

• You do not need to read or discuss any concurring or dissenting opinions in your brief, just brief the majority opinion.

Use 12-point, Times New Roman font, single-spaced.

Include a heading at the top of your paper. In your heading, remember to indicate: your name / the class, the course CRN #, and the instructor / the assignment # / and the date. For example, a proper heading would look like this:

Jimmy Jones

Criminal Law CRN# 20067, Prof. Carvill

Assignment #2


• Failure to include a proper heading will result in a 10% grade reduction (-10 points).

You must follow the case brief format. Minimally, your case brief should include the following sections and they should be clearly labeled:

Case Name & Citation:

Court Issuing the Opinion:

Procedural History:





Single-spaced, your brief should be no more than one full page in length. It should not be less than half a page in length.

Write in complete sentences and use proper grammar. Widespread grammatical errors will hinder your clarity and your grade.

Assignment #2 must be submitted to this Blackboard dropbox by end of day on 10/10/2018.

Your submissions will all be checked by the Safe Assign plagiarism detection software. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Write in your own words to the extent possible. A Safe Assign match report of 60% or higher will be potential grounds for a grade reduction.