china today china s transition from the mao era to post mao

Please refer to the assigned readings, write a double-spaced 4-page coherent response paper and address the following questions:

According to the readings, what are the most compelling aspects that you are able to identify in China’s transition from the Mao era to post-Mao neoliberal market reforms? What kind of role does the post-Mao Chinese state play in terms of governing and regulating people’s socio-class stratifications and everyday life? How do you define “socialism from afar” in a xiaokang society? What are the new social classes that have emerged in post-Mao Chinese society and what is your view on social polarization between China’s newly rich, middle class, and migrant workers?

The grading rubrics are uploaded for reference. Please cite the class readings properly and include authors, titles of the readings and page numbers in the reference in Chicago citation styles.