complete 2 discussion activities for writing research course


Read Richard Hayes “Supersize Your Child?” in the Student Lounge or at the following URL:

Kindly answer the following:

1. In the essay, how does Hayes appeal to his readers’ need to feel secure? Is this approach effective and if so, why?

2. What types of support does Hayes offer to back up his opinion? How convincing do you find his support to be?

3. Explain who should set limits on genetic engineering. Give at least two reasons to support your viewpoint.

4. In what direction do you foresee genetic engineering going in the near future?


Must post first.

When developing a Personal Research Narrative, there are some things that a writer can do to help create a successful end to the project. One of the best things for a writer to do is create a method that helps to keep track of what is being researched and how that research is developing ideas. After developing a specific topic, here are some steps a writer can take to help to build a stronger Personal Research Narrative:

  • Create a daily journal to record the research process
  • In the journal, post the “things known” about the research topic
  • In the journal, post questions about the research topic
  • Create a plan to research the topic

In this discussion topic, you will create a daily journal to collect information on research about the topic, share the research topic, and develop a research plan. Post the first entry of your research journal. This discussion topic is designed to help you pre-write, to identify, and to develop a plan for the research narrative.

Please access the document at the following link:


You can use this document to help you keep a journal on your research.

For this discussion topic, please post a copy of the first entry of your research journal. Please respond generously to at least two of your fellow classmates. Hint: You can use your classmate’s responses to help you to build your journal, too.

TOPIC: Ivy League Schools Discipline For Students Accused Of Sexual Assault Is Too Lenient….Does This Have To Do With Money And Power?!?!


There is lack of accountability in dealing with sexual assault cases in the Ivy League schools because the school administrations are influenced by power and money hence focus on sanitizing and protecting the reputation of the institutions and the students implicated in sexual offenses.


College and universities fraternities are known for providing outstanding opportunities for students to expand their social networks while advancing their academics for future competitiveness in the corporate world and the society in general. However, these institutions have recently been marred with cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially those under the Ivy League category. Consequently, there is a widespread belief that although these schools provide unmatched career and academic opportunities, the privileged status of these students and their institutions encourage prestigious and lenient punitive approaches to perpetrators of sexual offenses with the intention of protecting their reputations and dignity.


My perspective towards this issue was significantly expanded when I was reading an article in the library about a student who had undergone episodes of sexual assault in college but still awaits justice. It was puzzling to learn that the prestigious national and international colleges are determined to protect the market value of their institutions at the expense of their students’ wellbeing (Radack). I was appalled that the perpetrators of sexual assault were politely asked to apologize to their victim and that marked the end of the case.

Radack, Jesselyn. Ivy League rape nightmare: My reflection of progress — and pain. SalonTV.October 9, 2014. Retrieved from:…