complete learning activity 7 for psych course davis 10 slide powerpoint presentation


For this activity, you will put together a PowerPoint presentation to teach your classmates the main points of your chosen topic and the related theories of psychology. You may compare and contrast as many theories as you would like to include in your presentation. The minimum is two.

*** Use the topic of your project as the title of your paper (not your name or the name of the assignment or anything else).



Include at least the following sections, each on a separate slide, and each with a separate heading:

– Title

– Introduction

– Description of topic

– Lessons learned from the survey and peer feedback (This is NOT a summary of the results, do not discuss or explain what people answered or not.) (This must be an analysis and reflection of what YOU learned from the experience of writing a survey and how this experience contributed to your understanding of the topic and the knowledge it contributed to your project.)

– Explanation of theory one

– Explanation of theory two

– (Explanation of any other theories if you include more than two)

– Compare and contrast the theories

– Explain the relevance of the theories to your topic and the field of psychology

– Conclusion

– References: The sources you used in APA format related to the topic of your project. Use at least five/six PRIMARY sources to support your work. Do not include the textbook.

Your presentation must include a minimum of 10 slides (using each of the headings listed above) and up to a maximum of 20 slides.

You must use professional, peer reviewed journal articles to support your work. The rigors of a research project demand that you include only primary sources in your project, these are current journal articles from acceptable journal sources. The library can help you with this, ask for their help. Do not include the textbook.

Your presentation must be written and documented according to the standards of the 6th edition of the APA manual. Start with a title slide and end with a reference slide. Use numerous headings and subheadings to organize, label, and separate each different part of the presentation.

IMPORTANT: You must upload your presentation to the classroom two times: