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What are your career goals? Do they follow traditional gender roles? Why or why not? How has your gender socialization impacted your career plans?


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Select another of the TEDTALKS videos to watch (located in Modules). These are helpful lecture/videos that are provided as a free service to internet users, institutions, students and professors alike. From your perspective, what kinds of ethical issues can occur in the video that you chose to watch and why should we be concerned about it? Also, what can we do as social scientist to insure that these issues will not become common-place in data gathering?

Hopefully, student will watch various videos by choice…the goal is to share the content of the vide you watched, if you argee or disagree with the author, and what issues you are most concerned about?…


Tolstoy Discussion Board (To go with The Death of Ivan Ilyich) – Discussion Board Groups 7


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This discussion board is not really about The Death of Ivan Ilyich story, but it does have a lesson in it for all of us. I am attaching a copy of an excellent short story that has become a favorite of mine. I think you’ll agree. There are only a few pages to read, so don’t think I’m overloading you (I think it will be worth it for you). I’m including what I want you to discuss with your group buddies below. Please make sure you submit at least 300 words.

  • Share your thoughts about the story and how it is written. How is it similar/different from “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”?
  • What are 2-3 main ideas that can be “take aways” from this short story?
  • How might this story be beneficial to our country and society today?
  • Share anything the short story “said” to you.