complete short statistics project

Math 125

Technology Assignment 1

Chicago Rental Properties

**** ASSIGNED ****

Please download this file and the accompanying spreadsheet file

Edit these files with your own work and submit on Blackboard

Data Collection Method:

For this assignment, you will use a data set with 24 entries, one for each randomly selected property. The following criteria were used in the data selection process:

  • Data was accessed on 9/6/2017 via
  • Data was filtered to include only properties with 2 bedrooms
  • All properties were in zip code 60624

(Note that in the worked example, zip code 60612 was selected, which contains Malcolm X College and surrounding properties. Zip code 60624 is the zip code that is immediately west of 60612, containing Garfield Park and surrounding properties there).

The sample properties were selected using a process that, to the best of my ability, was verified as simple and random. Possible error might come from algorithms for displaying search results in an order that’s not simple and random.


Sampling Methods (5 pts):

  • What is the frame from which the simple random sample was selected? (Assume the website lists search results in a random order) (3 pts)
  • For what other populations might, or might not, this data be representative? (2 pts)
  • Construct the frequency distribution table with seven classes (3 pts)
  • Construct the histogram for the frequency distribution table (1 pts)
    • Describe it as either flat, sloped, concentrated, skewed, or none of these (2 pts)
  • Calculate and interpret the mean and the median values (2 pts)
  • Describe the maximum and minimum values (1 pts)
  • Calculate the first and third quartiles, and describe the data using these (3 pts)
  • Calculate the standard deviation (1 pt)
    • Describe the data using the empirical rule (2 pts)

Visualizing the Data and Central Measures (8 pts):

Measuring spread (7 pts):