concept and product development project with website

Final Project – Prototype Testing Report

Refer to Blank’s “Customer Development” concept and Belz’ 5M’s of advertising.

1) Briefly summarize the processes you used to narrow your list down to your service. Summary must be concise and organized with only key points.

****My chosen service is an Italian Restaurant called Angelina’s after my great grandmother. I don’t know if you need to know for the project, but I live in St Petersburg, Florida****

2) Create a web page if you are developing a service. For service webpages, please see webs, wix, weebly, google sites, blogger, wordpress, Etsy, Facebook pages, and more.) Add a link to your webpage for your service to the report.

3) Provide a detailed description of the product, including how it will be developed.

4) Create a “sell sheet” flyer. One example of a “sell sheet” is here:

5) Show your web page and sell sheet to 3-5 prospects for feedback (best if they’re not the same as those you used previously). Summarize their feedback in a paragraph along with how you can use the feedback to adjust your offering. Indicate if you’ve already incorporated this feedback in your sell sheet or website.

6) Write what your next steps are to move forward with this new product or service (licensing, branding, beta testing, company formation, etc).

7) References