conduct a research on a company

As the World is heading towards more creative and innovative lifestyle, it is also leaving a footprint on the earth. The United Nations (UN) has taken upon itself to create a guide to save and make the world a better place for our future generations. The UN has created the Sustainable Development Goals (popularly known as the UN SDG’s). Please read more on the SDG’s: (Links to an external site.)

PowerPoint on the SDG is here.

The specific objective of the social impact assignment is to conduct research on a(ny) company that is adopting the principles of social innovation, corporate social, or diversity.

Analyze the company’s:

  • Philosophy
  • Product/service offerings
  • Revenue
  • Support cause
  • Why does the company want to care about its support cause?

Submission requirements:

  • Answers must be in essay format (paragraphs)
  • Please do not use bullet points to answer
  • Work must be submitted in a Word or PDF document
  • APA format
  • All work must be cited