content presentation


In this milestone assignment, you will present the content you have created (authentic content) and curated so far for your personal online branding. You will discuss/justify the platforms you chose and what the conventions/advantages are of each platform. You will also discuss and share examples of the content that you created and curated thus far. You will discuss your content and why you chose to include certain curated items and why you created others, being sure to explain how the curated and authentic content you posted supports your brand. You will also discuss why the platform and content work together and how they fulfill the “best practices” you established in your guidelines in your brand identity paper.

This submission should be a PowerPoint presentation.

Platforms I chose: Facebook and Instagram

Video: The Medium Is the Message (cc)

The Linguistics of Self-Branding and Micro-Celebrity in Twitter: The Role of Hashtags

Library Article: “You Have One Identity”: Performing the Self on Facebook and LinkedIn



Textbook: You Are A Brand! by Catherine Kaputa