cumulative review span100 a001

Hello I need some work done by someone who can speak Spanish and understand spanish grammar. Its’s required for me to take a foreign language class, I do not want to learn spanish at all, but now days you have to take the class.  I would like someone who can speak Spanish very well to take this 60 question test for me. Basically I will give you the login details for my online classroom and you will login and complete the test. There is a 2 hr limit, but I’m sure if you speak spanish it will be very fast. Also, the test can be taken as many times as possible and the highest grade is recorded. Thank you!!! And once again… SPANISH Speaker please!! IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO DO THE WORK. Please live in the USA or have a US ip address as well. Thanks!!! Msg for any questions.