develop a detailed outline for a specific mediation model

RI Mediation Project

Stage (2) Develop a Detailed Outline for a Specific Mediation Model: Along with the case study, you should develop a detailed mediation outline (approximately 5 pages composed in “Word”). The detailed outline should overview the structure of your mediation according to the model you will use for the conflict you described in the case study. This will provide a template of how you will conduct yourself during the mediation.

It will give us and you examples of possible questions you can ask and statements you can use. The outline should be comprehensive and it should show systematically how you will follow the mediation model you have selected. It is important to use the books in our class closely to write your detailed outline. Each step, stage, or shift should be followed with a number of specific questions or statements that could be made. This assignment is due prior to the RI and your discussion group will be giving you feedback on the outline in order to adjust it and improve it before the actual mediation at RI. The outline should use Roman Numerals and full labels as see verbatim from the evaluation forms for the mediation model. Each label should be filled in with a detailed sentence, set of questions or phrases the mediator might use at this point. NO bulleted information can be used.

The case study right is based on a custody battle between parents.

I have attached our final combined case study for all of us to have. We have narrative mediation for the project, so I would suggest looking over the Narrative Mediation book by Winslade and Monk. Chapter three (Pages 57-93) has an outline of how narrative mediation should go and also includes many samples that may be worked into our outline.

I have also attached the project directions (we are currently working on stage 2) and the evaluation form for our outline. Follow the rubric very closely as the directions say that it should follow the format of the evaluation form.