direct and indirect approach

Scenario: You are the CEO of your company (you pick the name, industry, etc) and you need to write a business letter to your employees concerning your topic at hand. Your company is whatever you want to call it (it can be an imaginary) and in whatever business industry you choose (it doesn’t matter if you know much about that industry). The topic is whatever you wish to pick. As in class, I chose how my made up company needed to address the concerns of polluted water going back into the cities water supply and how I showed it was safe.

Taking what you learned in class (focused on chapter 3) on the two types of approaches the writer can take (direct and indirect); you will need to do the following:

Write a one-page (full one-page) letter for EACH of the two approaches to your employee base on your topic. The topic needs to be the same in each letter, but with the different approach in each letter. Each letter needs to follow the Assignment Requirements document. In addition, you need to add a running header to each of the letters showing the approach you are taking in the letter. For example; the running header could be “Homework Assignment 1: Direct Approach”. If you are unfamiliar with what a running header is, or how to add one using MS Word, there are plenty of examples and instructions on the Internet.

Do not define what the approach is, but rather write in that manner for each of the letters. You do not need a reference sheet, but you will need a cover sheet. Attach each of the letters to the cover sheet. (only one cover sheet is needed).

Be creative with you letters and use your imagination, but remember business etiquette as well (who it is to, topic, conclusion, and how you formulate your signature block.