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Professor Niamat Ali says that “the play fails to prove Othello’s bravery except that he murders an innocent and delicate lady, Desdemona” and calls Othello “childish.” In your first ¶, agree or disagree with this statement. Do you see Othello this way, or differently? Defend your answer with examples from the play.In your second ¶, comment on one of the Resources included from Week 5 or Week 6. Your response can be positive, negative, or questioning. Secondly, identify one of your favorite lines or sets of lines from Othello. Use the original Shakespeare language, not the modern translation. Explain to us why you chose, liked, or found interesting the language from these lines.

i started as (I agree with Professor Niamat Ali. I saw more in this drama that I don’t trust the established relationship. This relationship has no solidity. Instead, it will be completely defeated by some rumors. ……)