discussion 1275

Read the discussion below, comment and respond(Around 3-5 sentence):

“As a consequence of having a strong US dollar, international companies that do not have their headquarters based in the U.S but conduct business operations in the U.S will benefit, because when they bring their profits and revenues back to their home countries and convert them into their home country currency, they will have higher profits as a result of the dollar appreciation.

U.S based companies that purchase raw materials and hire employees abroad would also benefit from a dollar appreciation, as it will be cheaper for them to purchase goods and services abroad.

On the other hand, the United States tourism industry will be hurt as a result of a strong dollar appreciation as the cost of traveling to the U.S will be much higher for tourists abroad.

Additionally, U.S companies that conduct many of their product sales abroad will be hurt as their “Made in the U.S” products will become much more expensive for abroad consumers.

The U.S economy might also be hurt as consumers opt to purchase products from abroad countries rather than those products made in the U.S because of the reduced price tag. (the price/quality might be better in abroad products, as the cost of making the product is much less compared to the U.S)”