discussion authentic leadership and team leadership 2

Authentic Leadership is a relatively new leadership approach and as a result much more research is needed. There is no standard, accepted definition of Authentic Leadership but it can best be described as transparent, responsible to people’s needs, and adhering to a moral code. It is becoming more popular as a response to leadership failures in both the private and public sectors.

Teams have become more of a fixture in both the public and private sectors, and as a result, there is a greater interest in Team Leadership. Team Leadership posits that the critical function of leadership is to oversee the group, identify the problems, and take appropriate action. Team leadership is popular because it identifies the functions that a leader can share within the team.

For this Discussion, reflect on the leadership approaches or theories you have discussed throughout this course, select ONE of the approaches or theories that appeals to you (I HAVE SELECTED THE LMX THEORY – which is attached below). Consider the characteristics of your selected approach or theory. Consider the characteristics of Authentic Leadership and of Team Leadership.

In a 1.5 double-spaced paper (350-400 words), post a description of the approach or theory you selected, and compare the characteristics of the approach or theory you selected to those of Authentic Leadership and Team Leadership. Using your own experience, share an example of a situation that demonstrates this relationship. Describe the impact of that relationship. Use an example from your personal experience with this type of leadership or one from the Learning Resources.