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his is a two week module. So please answer 2 out of the 4 questions. Prior to posting, please review the Lesson 6 Module in the content area. Remember all posts must consist of two paragraphs that are 4-5 sentences each. Failure to follow instructions will result in a 0. In addition, when posting, click on weekly discussion topic and click “create thread”. Finally, in order to receive full credit, you must respond to at least one other student post. Responses should be thoughtful and insightful. Comments like “I agree” will not count.

As we learned in the Lesson 6 Module, globalization has radically changed the way we live. Please answer one of the following questions. Provide full details and cite specific sources/examples appropriately.

1) Has globalization gone too far, not far enough, or is it heading in the wrong direction? Explain the why, and provide any solutions that may seem viable to you?

2) What challenges do states and individuals face due to globalization?

3) Is cultural globalization beneficial to the world as a whole? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

4) With the election of President Donald Trump and the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, what does this say about the future of globalization?

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