draft of the essay claim of value

Answer the following questions in preparation for drafting your first essay of the semester:

  • Identify in a phrase or sentence the topic or issue that you have chosen. {How can we encourage people to recycle more?}
    • Express in a complete sentence a tentative claim of value about that topic or issue. (1 point)
  • Explain in a paragraph the key points that you plan to make in support of your claim of fact. (1 point)
    • Describe the specific kinds of evidence that you will need to support your claim.
  • List the key criteria or standards that you would need to use in order to make your claim.
    • Consider the standards that others besides yourself would also use to make a value judgment about an item like the one you’ve chosen.
  • Identify the author of the potential outside source you have chosen. Give the author’s name and describe what the author does or who the author is.
    • Summarize in a paragraph what the source says and explain how you would use that information in your final draft. (1 point)
    • Provide the Works Cited entry for your potential outside source.
  • Explain in a paragraph what an opposing viewpoint to your claim would be. (1 point)
    • Describe how a reasonable person could disagree with your claim.