edu555 w1 d2 no more tham 400 words quot the field of curriculum quot

EDU555 W1 D2 No MORE THAM 400 WORDS “The Field of Curriculum” Please respond to the following: Assume you are interviewing with two top administrators of an organization for a new position of curriculum leadership. The administrators are still developing the description of the position and are expecting applicants to offer descriptions of the job. Explain to the administrators at least three primary roles you believe should be your responsibility. Provide a rationale for your response. Review the roles of teachers in curriculum development described in the textbook and discuss the approach that is typically followed in your school or district. Provide reasons and examples to support your response. (If you are not aware of the roles of teachers in curriculum development in your school or district, discuss the approach you believe is most advantageous and provide a rationale for the approach.)