essay about the hidden channel attack 1

Length: 2000 words

Note: All sources of information must be appropriately referenced using the APA style

The hypervisor (sometimes called the virtual machine manager or VM) monitors running virtual machines and manages how those VMs are sharing hardware. Furthermore, the hypervisor also has a migration module that manages how to move a VM from one server to another. One of the major attacks on the hypervisor is called the hidden channel attack.

Analyse and evaluate the risks and security concerns with the hidden channel attack; discuss strategies for addressing them.

Your answer/report should

  • explain fundamental information security concepts.
  • evaluate some of the key application security concepts and practices (in the power point file which is attached below).

include the following sections:

– Introduction

+ Should have comprehensive introduction to the topic.

– Background

+ Should have comprehensive background grounded in existing literature and concepts.

– Risk and Security concerns of hidden channel attacks

+ Should have comprehensive description of risk and security concerns of hidden channel attacks, grounded in theory and literature.

– Strategies for addressing them

+ Should have comprehensive description of strategies for addressing the issues, grounded in theory and literature.

– Conclusions and future trends

+ Should have analytical and clear conclusions drawn, well grounded in theory and literature.