essay early childhood development psychology

1. Which theories are most compatible with your beliefs about how children develop? Discuss why, and provide

concrete examples.

Essay needs to meet the following:

• Be at least 3 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, font 12) – does not include cover page or References page (30 points).

• At least 3 references need to be cited correctly within the text, and at the end in the Reference section (15 points).

• All portions of the essay question need to be fully answered; ideas need to be clear and succinct; needs to demonstrate understanding of concepts (25 points).

• Providing concrete examples, with specifics, may help demonstrate an in-depth understanding of concept (10 points).

• Essay needs to be grammatically correct, including sentence structures and spelling (10 points).

• Essay needs to be turned in on time, by due date ; may be turned in before due date (10 points).