external environmental assessment

Assessment of the external environment effecting a healthcare organization selected by the student (Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego)

Purpose: To develop skills for understanding the environmental relationships between various health organizations and their stakeholders. Prepare a report on the External Environmental Factors that affect a healthcare organization’s delivery of care and marketing. Select a health care provider organization in the local community, preferably a hospital or physician group practice (Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego). Conduct an external environmental assessment for the organization. Be sure to cover all the basic categories of environmental factors. List the environmental forces you have identified and the interrelationships among them and with the organization.

When you have completed the assessment, make a note of at least five apparent threats that are facing the organization as well as at least five opportunities The organization will probably need to respond to the threats to maintain its mission and ensure success. It may take advantage of the opportunities to maximize its accomplishments.