film analysis 37

Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in Book VII of The Republic looms large in the philosophical examination of education, the good life, meaning, and society. The metaphors in the narrative capture a number of crucial insights about the nature of education: shadows, chains, liberation, pain, journey, and return.

In this module, students will use the symbols and metaphors from Plato’s allegory to analyze the film Office Space (1999) that captures a common malaise experienced by many twenty somethings seeking to make their way in the world of work. How does Plato’s allegory help us understand the behavior and journey of the characters in the film, the nature of work, and the pursuit of meaning? What might Plato have to offer our own search for a meaningful life?


Identify 2-3 philosophical questions or problems:

Pick one philosophical question or problem to address:

Identify 3-4 relevant terms, concepts, or principles from the assigned materials:

Identify 2-3 possible conclusions using the terms, concepts, or principles from the readings: