finance discussions 3

Could you do these 2 discussions?


Discussion 1: Read an article from CNN Money or Yahoo finance based on time value of money and summarize the article in one page.

Required Textbook and other readings:“Essentials of Corporate Finance” by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, 9thEdition. Published by McGraw Hills. You will also need the Access code to get into Mcgraw Hill Connect.


Discussion 2: What is a futures contract? A warrant? A stock market index? How is Dow Jones industrial average doing at the moment?future?

Textbook Required:“ Essentials of Investments”, by Bodie, Kane and Marcus, 9thedition


– Posts Minimum 150 words to 200 maximum

– You should respond to one of my classmates post for each discussion.

-Responds just 3-4 sentences.

– Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.