gate logic

  1. In EveryCircuit, build the following circuits.
  2. Once you have built the circuits, run the simulation (click the T icon).
  3. For each gate, run through its Truth Table. So for example, for the OR gate you should have 4 input cases (00 01 10 11). The output for each case will be illustrated by the LED. If the output is a one, the LED will be lit. If the output is a zero, it will not be lit.
  4. Did your output match the Truth Tables?
  5. Now stop the simulation (click the pause icon). Remove the 100 ohm resistor from each gate and reattach the output to the ground (three lined triangle). Run the simulation again. What’s different about the LED? Why is that the case?
  6. Submit your answers to the above questions below and submit.