gb600 unit 2 discussion topic 2

Topic 2: Crisis Leadership

Chapter 5 of the text defines and provides guidance for leading in times of crisis such as revenue decline, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, workplace violence, etc. Locate a current events or magazine article from the past year related to crisis leadership in business. Customize your search to a specific situation that is relevant to you; for instance, a crisis in your industry, a crisis led by someone you identify with, a crisis that you have experienced in the workplace, etc.

Write two well-written paragraphs (about 250 words total) regarding the article you select. The first paragraph will summarize the important points of the article in a way that brings clarity and learning to all who read it. The second paragraph will include your analysis of the relevancy and accuracy of the article as well as how you may apply what you learned to your own leadership journey.

Find a current article as the reference and cite it.