give feedback to two service providers

Your assignment is to give feedback to two service providers : one to congratulate someone for a service well done, and the other to complain about a service failing to live up to your expectations. For each of the two, you may either write a letter (or e-mail) or fill out a customer comment card. If you write letters, they should be no longer than one page. Be sure to photocopy the feedback before giving it to the company. If you complete a comment card, make sure you have enough space to include comments that make your feedback valuable in terms of this assignment. Your feedback should state the situation and events leading to the kudos or complaint, including a comparison of the service you expected and what you actually experienced. It is always helpful to include details such as the date/time of your service experience, the particular location, people involved (if you know them), etc. All feedback should offer suggestions for improvement and, wherever possible, be addressed to a specific person. You should include some means by which the company can respond. It is preferable to list your address (or e-mail address, if appropriate), but not your phone number, since a written response can be turned in but a phone response cannot (although a phone response could be summarized and turned in). Your assignment is due in two weeks. If you receive a response, that should be submitted also, along with any follow-up response you decide to make. If you receive a verbal response, notes from the conversation can be submitted. Please also hand in a copy of any company response received after the assignment date (at no penalty, of course). Good feedback for this assignment will include substantive comments, valuable constructive criticism, and suggestions with potentially significant impact on the service firm. Selected cards, letters, and responses may be read in class.