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*3. Provide an example where you creatively addressed a complex problem. Explain the situation, your thought process, your approach and the outcome.

I studied two years at University of California-Santa Barbara, and I always had my own strategy to save money. In the second quarter of my last year at university, I decided to focus on real world experiences, so I volunteered at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, worked as a tutor at economics department. And I became a manager at the restaurant where I’ve been working for one year. Considering the heavy work load, I decided to take only two courses instead of four. UCSB tuition was 15 thousand no matter how many units the student takes. And it can be reduced to 9 thousand if the student takes less than 12 units a quarter. However, I still thought 9 thousand was unreasonable for only two courses. My friend’s experience inspired me that I can take UCSB courses through open university program which was available to the public and allowed me the opportunity to pay on a per-unit basis. The tuition per unit was only 450 dollars at open university program. So I took a gap from UCSB and registered the open university program which saved me more than 5 thousand dollars.