hero difference from celebrity

How is a hero different from a celebrity? Explain the difference and choose which one you would prefer to be and why.

Here are my expectations for Writing Assignment 2:

*NO LESS THAN 2 PAGES* Double Space and MLA format andddd MUST HAVE A TITLE.

  • Define what a hero is
  • Define what a celebrity is
  • Give no more than 2-3 differences and provide details and evidence supporting your claim.
  • You may come to find that there are similarities between the two. You can attack it from that point but provide details and evidence
  • When explaining which one you would prefer to be, how will you attack it? Will you base it on your future career goals? Will you base it on your social setting? These are two examples, but you want to find one base and give 2-3 reasons that support your basis.
  • Don’t be vague and generic in your response. Let your personality show , be specific and detailed, and make sure that I have no question about which one you prefer to be. Make sure all of your points connect and you tie everything back together.