hospitality career paper

Prepare a 700-900-word paper in which you identify at least three career opportunities within the hospitality industry that are of interest you. In your paper be sure to address the following:

  1. a. Describe each one of your identified careers.
  2. b. Identify the different characteristics and traits needed by each career.
  3. c. Outline a career path for each of your identified careers – using flowcharts will help.
  4. d. Include your notes from your interview within the appropriate career (see Center for Writing Excellence for details on sourcing interviews)

You will post this assignment to your Assignments folder.

Note from Colleen to Class: This assignment should be in alignment with the formatting set forth in your syllabus – meaning proper grammar and use two in-text sources. Remember that this assignment needs to be written in third person and try to avoid using phrases such as “in this paper” or “below you will find”…