implement a course registration app and practice multi activities

The App has the functionalities to show a list of available courses. When a course is clicked, the

detail of the course, including the course ID, course name and the prerequisite, will be shown.

The App should also have the functionality for a user to register courses. The user can add

courses to Term1 and Term2 or remove courses from Term1 or Term2. There are constraints for

course registration:

1. One cannot register for more than 3 courses per Term.

2. One cannot register for a course without having already taken the prerequisite.

Available courses and enrolled courses should be shown in two different screens. Assume a user

has already finished the following course last year: CS161, CS162, Math101.. And the following

courses are mandatory and were pre-registered: CS255 (Term1), CS263 (Term 2).

Test the following cases:

1. Register for CS277 (Term 1) : status: successful

2. Register for CS356 (Term 1): status: unsuccessful due to Prerequisite

3. Register for CS356 (Term 2): status: successful

4. Register for CS225 (Term 1): status: successful

5. Register another course for Term1: status: unsuccessful due to Limit

6. Remove CS277 (Term 1): status: will also remove CS356 (Term 2), Confirm

Submit all files in /src and /res in a zip file.

Also submit a report to show how your App works.