intimacy and medicalization of sexual disorders counseling

These are two different MFT related questions please answer them separately with a minimum of 200 words and 1 in text cite. Please utilize the references to assist in answering the question.

1) Think of the conversations in relationships that you have had regarding sex. How can you use the information in the Lehman text from the work of John Gottman to help you work with a couple who is concerned about their sex and intimacy life? Discuss specifics aspects of the Gottman approach that may inform you in your work with couples and sex.

Reading For Threaded Discussion 1:

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Chapter 9: Lehman, J. D. (2005). Understanding Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships. Springfield: Charles C Thomas. Retrieved from Ebscohost Database in the

2)How would you approach an individual, a couple, or a family with the decisions of whether medical options for sexual disorders would actually solve their struggles? How would you go about assessing whether a sexual disorder, as the presenting problem, is a symptom of other mental health and relationship disorders or a medical problem? What do you see as the benefits and costs of the medicalization of sexual disorders (i.e., the quest to treat dysfunction with medication and surgery rather than psychotherapy)?

Reading For Threaded Discussion 2:

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