journal entry 53

The purpose of journal is for you to have a space to think through challenging concepts, questions, and new ideas in the readings and viewings. You should keep up with your journals as you read and watch rather than all at once. You will write one journal entry and must be at least 1500 words. Your entries must be coherent and analytical – in other words, they cannot be bullet marks or random thoughts without explanation.

Journal entry should:

  1. Summarize each of the readings and viewings, including the author’s main arguments, focus, and key examples (about 200 words per reading or viewing; for longer viewings or readings, your summaries should also be longer)
  2. Analyze the readings as a whole (do you agree or disagree? What do you find challenging? What do you find new or intriguing? How can you apply this information to your own life? How do you see the material coming up in the media, politics, or other current events? Etc.). Feel free in this section to link to videos, articles, or other relevant material. (about 400 words total)
  3. Pose at least 2-3 questions you still have after reading material.

Journals are my way of assessing how closely you are reading and watching the assigned texts, so include page numbers (e.g. Frye 3) and time stamps (e.g. 1:30 for 1 minute and 30 seconds in the video) as you reference the texts, and explain with enough detail that it is clear you have read and watched with thoughtful intent.

Media Representation and Beauty Ideals

Readings: (see the attachments)

  • Jean Kilbourne, “The More You Subtract, the More You Add”
  • Abra Fortune Chernik, “The Body Politic”
  • Sirena Riley, “The Black Beauty Myth”