knowledge mgmt amp info project by using orange program

Project Specification:

Project Requirements:

You must write your research paper as a group fulfilling the following requirements:

  • . All your submissions will undergo plagiarism check iThunticate (plagiarism checker).
  • The data to be used for KM must be related to KM & IR as well as any current issues. You can get plenty of open source data available online or you can obtain with Get at least 500-1000 records for proper analysis.
  • The software to be used for analyzing the data is ORANGE DATA MINING.
  • Minimum 10-30 references must be made to other KM papers as per the journal referencing format. You should go through sample journal papers (even from other sources are allowed).
  • Your paper must include minimum 2 tables and 2 figures.

The following concepts of KM must be addressed and applied in the paper:

  • Knowledge Management Cycle
  • Knowledge Management Models
  • Knowledge Capture & Codification
  • Knowledge Application
  • Knowledge Management Tools
  • (optional) Information Retrieval (IR) Modeling
  • (optional) Retrieval Evaluation