lp06 1 assignment looking ahead


In this learning plan you will explore the role of insurance in the legal environment of the health care industry. You will learn about the coverages and limits of professional liability insurance, and how providers can work to reduce the risk of liability.


  1. REVIEW the website maintained by the American Tort Reform Association (www.atra.org) and INVESTIGATE the case they make for reforming laws specifically related to health care services, such as tort reform. Then, examine the website of the American Association for Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers’ Association) and see what arguments they have stated opposing tort reform. (www.justice.org). Consider how policy on these issues affect an administrator in a health care setting.

Directions: In a paper no longer than 1 page, reflect on the material you have learned in this learning plan, and discuss the following:

Your text discusses many recent developments in the health care industry, including the advent of managed care, attempts at tort reform, and concentrated efforts to ensure patient safety. Consider these trends and then, based upon your knowledge of recent developments and your reasoned analysis, predict where the health care industry is headed. Specifically, address the following questions: In the next 20 years, how will tort law have changed? How will health care organizations be structured? What developments might further ensure the safety of patients?