macroeconomics critically analyze the investment theories

Critically review the investment models postulated by Jorgenson (1963) (neoclassical), Tobin (1969) (Tobin’s q) and Kalecki (1971)-Keynes (1937) (Kalecki-Keynesian).

Review the recent empirical works and evaluate which model fits the data better.


Work of high to exceptionally high quality showing excellent knowledge and understanding of ideas.

• Original analysis and well formulated arguments. • Excellent use of relevant literature from the course to support discussion

. • High level theoretical and empirical analysis and critical thinking shown in an intellectual engagement with the ideas.

• Excellent writing and presentation skills.

• Material extremely well organised and structured.

The structure of the essay should consist 4 parts: introduction, theory and literature review, empirical analysis and conclusions

It is important to provide a complete reference list (APA 6th style).